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Croatia is beautiful. It is a land and island country. It is situated on the Adriatic Sea. Croatia has beautiful mountains and clean lakes. Croatia is a tourist country. People are friendly. Tourists can use English without any problems. But you can meet tourists from all over the world.

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Great architecture.

Croatia is modern and traditional. Despite the dynamic development, it has preserved beautiful old buildings. Thanks to this, your walks will be a great pleasure for you.

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Famous cities.

Croatia has resorts, beaches, viewpoints, mountains and the wonderful Adriatic Sea. It is in Croatia that there is the magnificent Biokovo mountain range. This is where the city of Makarska and the famous Dubrovnik are located.

Take a break.

Visit Croatia. Stop rushing. Use the gifts of nature. Enjoy the sun. Swim in the sea. Dive and admire the underwater world. Do sport. Play. Take photos. Forget about work or work online.

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